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Being out in nature is as a way of escaping, a place to decompress, unwind, unplug.  The colors, smells and sounds have always captured my attention, and whisper to me of freedom, peace, survival, life.  


Photography emerged as a way to preserve an exciting moment that I was watching. To be able to capture, and keep that moment, so that I could relive it again has been at the core of why I pursued photography. Every encounter with a wild animal is unlike any other and never repeats itself, so every scene I witness is unique. 

I seek any opportunity to be out in the wild, finding inspiration in my encounters with animals, and learning as much as I can about the behavior of animals through their interactions.  Nature is unscripted, you cannot pose it, repeat it, reposition it - it has a mind and instinct of its own.  So when everything aligns, the setting, the position, the light, and the click of my shutter freezes that moment as I am experiencing it, the excitement and pleasure I feel can be overwhelming.


By sharing my images and experiences, I hope to highlight the majesty and beauty of of nature with as many people as possible, bringing these amazing creatures closer to the viewer, and hopefully inspiring my audience to go out and experience the wild for themselves, while maintaining respect for these wild animals. 

My current camera of choice is a Canon 7D Mark ii, combined with a Canon EF 100-400mm Lens.

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